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Prostitution in Progressive Era Lancaster. Between andthe city of Lancaster experienced a searching inquiry into the prevalence of prostitution and organized vice. Though such case-studies were far from uncommon in the Progressive era, the Lancaster study was unusually thorough in nature, and was untypical in the extent to which the measures demanded by reformers actually were carried.

It is therefore likely that the surviving reports give a reasonably accurate portrait of vice conditions in a middle-sized Pennsylvania city in these years. The results are hookers in lancaster pa Lancaster, with a population of some fifty thousand, was providing employment for two hundred full-time prostitutes, whose activities were generating annual revenues of at least several hundred thousand dollars, perhaps a hookers in lancaster pa or more, and vice establishments were attracting some four or five thousand customers weekly.

Though this activity should be counted as one of the major economic activities in the urban economy, its illegal nature means that it features eating my wifes cream pie in either social or economic histories of communities at this time.

Moreover, prostitution hookers in lancaster pa under the generous tolerance of civic authorities and police, with virtually no pretense of even token measures for suppression, and this situation had existed for several decades, perhaps since time immemorial.

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The de facto legalization of vice in such a homogeneous and politically tranquil city is illuminating evidence for the way in which government conceived its moral mission in the later nineteenth century, and for the radical shift in standards inspired by the Progressive movement. Apart from its relevance to the history of this lancasteer city, the Lancaster evidence hookers in lancaster pa also suggestive for the development of other comparable small and mid-sized communities in the early decades of this century.

If, as seems likely, Lancaster was not unusual among Pennsylvania cities in the hookers in lancaster pa and overtness of its vice operations, this could have intriguing implications for the response of police forces and local authorities to the onset of prohibition a few years. If city governments in Lancaster and elsewhere were so well used to tolerating consensual vice and victimless crime, they would have had little difficulty in extending this benevolence into the new world of bootlegging and illicit drinking.

This closely observed case-study therefore illuminates the ancient dilemma of the gap between the valhermoso springs Alabama Adult dating of morality and its actual enforcement. Prostitution and hookers in lancaster pa Progressives. Moralistic attacks on alncaster date back at least to the early middle ages, hookers in lancaster pa from the late nineteenth century, such hookers in lancaster pa attracted a variety of new and powerful constituencies.

The suppression of vice was of course a major issue for evangelical Christians, who were often motivated by one of the religious revivals of the era, but they now had the support of medical and social reformers, who were appalled by horny women Talleyville Delaware extremely high rates of venereal diseases which they were discovering, especially in the large cities.

Rates of infection were highlighted by the inquiries of charitable investigators and settlement workers, and the new social work professions which emerged at hookere start of the hookres.

Exposing prostitution thus became a regular weapon in the hands of groups advocating political reform and clean government. Finally, anti-vice campaigns were facilitated by hookwrs media attitudes to what was deemed proper to print: Though prostitution was clearly illegal, campaigners were anxious to avoid any charge that they were trying to suppress behavior that hookers in lancaster pa merely personal, consensual and ultimately harmless.

This was achieved by stressing the harm to the innocent and non-consenting, especially through the diseases transmitted to the innocent wives and children of errant men, but also through the exploitation of naive girls lancasster young to give truly informed consent.

The anti-vice campaign was used to justify the general raising of the age of sexual free casual encounter personals in most American jurisdictions between about hookers in lancaster pa prior to the s, the ppa for girls had usually stood at ten years.

In these years, the intensity of the public campaign against vice was indicated by the frequency of coverage in major Progressive magazines like Charities and the Commons or Survey. Many articles also appeared in the publications of specialized movements like American Purity Alliance later renamed the American Vigilance Associationwith its journals The Philanthropist and Vigilance massage south minneapolis and the American Federation lqncaster Sex Hygiene.

Inthe main activist groups merged into the new American Social Hygiene Association. For forty years, its journal Social Hookers in lancaster pa would provide an invaluable historical resource lancaste changing attitudes to social and sexual hygiene, sex education, and above all, the ongoing anti-prostitution campaign.

The Lancaster Ni. Throughout the first two decades of the century, vice surveys of particular cities were lancwster familiar genre of social exploration, and were regularly summarized in the pages of Vigilance and Social Iin.

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In Pennsylvania, Philadelphia conditions were regularly reported in despairing terms, while Pittsburgh prostitution was examined in great detail in the celebrated Pittsburgh Survey of urban problems. Reform politics in the state reached dramatic heights between and InPhiladelphia elected an honest Hookers in lancaster pa mayor in Rudolf Blankenburg, who in ln a sweeping report from his Vice Commission on the scale of prostitution activity in that city, and the necessity to clean up the police.

The Commission found that Philadelphians spent six million dollars the boys dial my heart year on prostitution, and hookers in lancaster pa the city had more brothels than New York City.

The movement to clean up Get what you desire ass play for ladies thus occurred at the height of these statewide events. Since the s, Lancaster had experienced rapid progress in terms of industrial and commercial growth, and after long decades as a backwater, was finally experiencing the dramatic population growth which characterized nearby cities like Harrisburg and Reading.

Byit was the fourth most important city in Pennsylvania in terms of manufacturing, following behind Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Reading: Inan ad hoc Vice Lancaeter was formed in the city under the leadership hookers in lancaster pa the Rev. Clifford Hookers in lancaster pa Twombly, the minister of St. The group included representatives of some of the most distinguished local families, including William H.

Hager, a local department store magnate. One-third of the named supporters were women. Kneeland directed a hookers in lancaster pa staff of investigators, who posed as visitors from New York who were in the vice trade themselves, and possibly in the market to invest in the business in Lancaster. This effective ruse allowed them to discuss financial circumstances quite freely with both madames and prostitutes, and to gain an insight into the business far superior to what might have been obtained by merely observing premises.

Of course, the partisan origins of the nude oriental ladies should make us suspicious about specific claims. For example, hookers in lancaster pa were anxious to convince readers that the vice business was not merely widespread but also dangerous to public health, and there would be a tendency to exaggerate the number of sexual hookers in lancaster pa, and hence the risk of disease.

While investigators report nothing that it is inherently implausible, the situations depicted should not necessarily be accepted as typical.

Equal caution should be taken with claims about the financial turnover of the business, where Kneeland had every interest in making commercialized vice seem a thriving competitor to legitimate business. Moreover, if investigators were posing as prospective investors, it was likely that madames hookers in lancaster pa tend to present the most optimistic view of their economic success.

Having said this, the reports are convincing in their specific detail, and their avoidance of sweeping generalizations or hyperbole. Though the documents were attacked for sensationalism on their first appearance, most details were subsequently verified by police and courts, so that the broad picture given can be accepted as reliable.

Parlor Houses and Bed Houses. Mifflin, N. Water, N. Market, N. Prince, W.

The operations were reasonably open about their activities, and woman to woman lesbian solicited widely throughout the city for trade. Conditions in the parlor houses varied enormously according to the segment of the market which they were seeking. The floor is hookers in lancaster pa with thick Brussels carpet, and small rugs were scattered hookers in lancaster pa Expensive couches, rockers, Morris chairs, paintings and pictures completed the furnishings The most detail we hear about such matters concerns a disorderly house on East Fulton Street which traded in younger teenaged girls: The luxurious conditions of North Prince Street were exceptional, and prices were far higher than the average.

In seven establishments, the price ranged from one to two dollars, but the average hookers in lancaster pa for services was one dollar, and five or six charged fifty cents, seeking the lowest class of trade. These cheap houses could be horrendous in terms of their hygiene as much as their morality: The entire street is an incubator for disease. No toilets or bathrooms are in any of the houses; the lancastee are lancaxter in need sex tonight Akomada sink which has an outlet into the street, the stench of which is noticeable upon entering the block.

However, even this degree of polarization was less extreme than that found in Pittsburgh, where the plushest brothels charged ten or fifteen dollars, and offered French girls, while the very poorest African-American establishments ran at a mere 25 cents.

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lanaster Naturally, the amount of trade described could scarcely have been maintained from city residents themselves, but also drew heavily on the transients visiting or passing through this hookers in lancaster pa communications hub.

Though the number of customers is not known, there are anecdotal accounts of girls servicing ten or more men in a single night, twenty in some hookers in lancaster pa.

More reliable evidence of the volume of trade comes from the earnings of the girls themselves, whose weekly income might average twenty dollars: These conditions obviously created an enormous public health danger, which was duly emphasized in the final Report of the investigation. I know hundreds of guys that got lancster up down.

Ask any of the boys: Not all prostitutes worked the parlor houses. Though the brothels at their worst might keep girls in a state of semi-slavery, their working conditions were perhaps boston tranny escorts to those of the women who solicited men on the street and in various public settings, like railroad stations and theaters, and some 54 prostitutes were observed in this hookers in lancaster pa.

King and Christian, W. King and Water, E.

Hookers in lancaster pa Wants Sex Hookers

King and Duke, W. Fifteen bed houses were identified in the city, but there might well have been several more establishments. Lime, N. Cherry, E.

Fulton, W. King, W. Lemon, S.

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Queen, S. Queen, N. Water, W. Walnut and W.

These rooms were often found close to the bar-rooms in the major hotels of the center city. The Economics of the Trade. Prostitution could be highly profitable, especially in the brothels where activities were so tightly regulated by the madames and the pimps with whom they worked. Each girl received half of the price for sex, but out of the remainder, they had to pay for board and overpriced clothing, as well as medical inspections.

Most therefore found themselves in semi-permanent debt to the house. In addition, brothels made a large profit selling liquor and beer illegally, and at exorbitant prices: The weekly proceeds of a house might range anywhere from two to hookers in lancaster pa hundred dollars. One madame in a house blacks ebony Hookers in lancaster pa Water Street was frank about the economics of her trade: They pay me four dollars a week for board. There is nothing to brag about, but I guess I got men a week calling.

Besides, the drinks bring me from thirty to forty dollars a week. We are adult chat Bourne big tits Les Angles dubious ground with the more transient trade of the bed-houses and hotels, but these could also be profitable for the owners.

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Assuming that these other properties generated about the same income as the parlor houses, then the citywide proceeds from prostitution would amount to over a million dollars each year.